The LEWTAS Families

APRIL  2024



John was the second son of John Lewtas of the Plough Inn Poulton and his first wife Margaret Clegg

John and Margaret Clegg had 7 children:
Ellen daughter 26th September 1756 buried 24th February 1759 aged 3 years
Thomas son 12th November 1758 (married Mary Foxcroft in Manchester)
George son 5th October 1760 died 1839 aged 79 (married Mary Banks in Poulton)
Ellen daughter 24th July 1763 (unknown)
John son 11th September 1765 buried 28th May 1767 aged 2 years
Richard son 3rd May 1767 (unknown)
William son 26th July 1769 buried 17th October 1769 aged 3 months

At some point their son
Thomas went to Manchester where he married Mary Foxcroft in Manchester cathedral on July 2nd 1780. Mary Foxcroft, baptised June 28 1761 at Manchester Cathedral, was the daughter of George Gardner Foxcroft and Sarah Files who themselves married on October 24 1754 at Manchester Cathedral.

Thomas Lewtas and his wife Mary Foxcroft had:
John baptised Feb 4 1781
George baptised Nov 24 1782.
Sarah baptised July 5th 1789 (presumably died young)
Richard baptised Aug 28th 1791
Mary Anne baptised Oct 1st 1797
Sarah baptised Sep 8 1799 All were baptised at Manchester Cathedral.

In Banck's Directory of 1800 Thomas Lutas is listed as a shoemaker at 39 Church Street.

Three sons of Thomas and Mary married and produced families in Manchester.

Richard Lewtas married Alice Gardner at St George's Liverpool on 16.5.1826 and two years later their son Richard Gardner Lewtas was baptised at St Thomas Ardwick on 2.9.1828. Richard Lewtas is listed as an attorney of 18 Brown Street Manchester in an 1825 Directory. He is also listed in Pigot’s of 1828 at 3 Norfolk Street an attorney. Richard Lewtas, gentleman of Manchester, died in 1834. Alice Gardner could be the daughter of George Gardner & Catherine Gerrad baptised at St Nicholas. Liverpool

John Lewtas married Elizabeth Yates at Manchester Cathedral on August 29th 1813. John an upholsterer and his wife Elizabeth lived at one time at 102 London Road Manchester. John died intestate on October 16th 1829, but letters of administration, which Elizabeth signed, were not issued until July 5th 1834. His estate was valued at under £20. They had a son George baptised on June 6th 1814, John born c. 1819Â and two daughters Mary Ann & Catherine both baptised at the Cathedral on May 13th 1827.

[On September 25th 1842 Thomas Lewtas aged 23 (born c. 1819) bachelor paperhanger of 12 Pond Place Owen Street Hulme son of John Lewtas upholsterer married Ann Horrocks aged 22 upholsterer of 17 Lord Street Hulme, daughter of Thomas Horrocks labourer Their children were Mary Ann Lewtas baptised at St George’s Hulme on 26th May 1844 of 12 Pond Place & Thomas Lewtas baptised 22nd Feb. 1846 of 10 Bright Street Hulme (All from Roger Trunkfield's index of Hulme inhabitants

George Lewtas married Elizabeth ? and had a son George baptised in the Cathedral on July 4th 1813.

This Manchester connection seems to explain why Edward Lewtas, the son of George and grandson of John and Margaret Clegg, left Poulton with his wife Mary and baby and went to live in Manchester sometime between 1826 & 1828 Having an uncle who was already established in the city must have seemed like an opportunity to be taken. However Edward and Mary only seem to have stayed two or three years before returning to Poulton