The LEWTAS Families

APRIL  2024



Woodplumpton Parish registers record a George Lewtas baptised on March 1st 1698 the son of Matthew Lewtas of Out Rawcliffe.
George Lewtas of Out Rawcliffe married Ellen Singleton in St Michael's church on 1st February 1720 aged 22. George and Ellen are recorded as living Over Wyre on various dates from 1720 onwards when their children were baptised at Stalmine church. Their children's baptisms then appear in St Chad's registers, marking their move from Over Wyre to the Poulton area sometime in the late 1730s.

Of their several children, four sons and two daughters survived to adulthood: Richard baptised 1725, Jennet baptised 1729, Margaret baptised 1731, George baptised 1734, John baptised c. 1738 and Thomas baptised 1743. Both John in his twenties and Richard aged 34 predeceased their father. Thomas married Elizabeth Biggins at Bispham parish church on 11th June 1763 and went on to be the landlord of the Lane Ends Hotel Blackpool, dying aged 45 in 1789. Their third son was George who, by 1772, was the tennant of Halls House estate in Staining, part of the Grimbaldeston Charity which funded Kirkham grammar school.

Of the four sons only George reached old age, dying aged 78 in 1812. Their two daughters were Margaret who married Robert Parkinson of Weeton husbandman and Jennet who married Alexander Hutchinson of Singleton shoemaker.

In his will dated 1766 George Lewtas ˜late of Out Rawcliffe’ had two tenements - Whiteside’s and Margery Layfield’s still to be seen in New Lane Carleton - and five closes of land, the Ackers, the Tween Mills, the New hey, the Woefield and the Hey Nook - now under Carleton Crematorium. These parcels of land can be identified on an estate map drawn up for the Weld family in 1774. The land in New Lane is also found on the Carleton tythe map drawn up in 1839.